Emily Dickinson Writing a Poem

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"Safe in... Grand go... Spring shake"

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H 203c, H 203d; P 216


| JP 216 | FP 124 | 1861-62 | Ink, blue-ruled |

| Watermark/Embossment: None | 20 x 13 cm |

Emily and Susan may well have had more exchanges regarding the completion of "Safe in their Alabaster Chambers," yet nothing more survives, except for versions that were copied into F6 (link) and F10 (link). F10 offers three different second stanzas for the poem.  Susan has marked these with an "X." 

For Poems (1890), Higginson and Loomis Todd made a three-stanza poem using the "Light laughs the breeze" and the "Grand go the Years" stanzas.