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Looking for the Dickinson Electronic Archives with which you are familiar? All is still intact and accessible either from our main menu or at http://archive.emilydickinson.org.

Welcome to the Dickinson Electronic Archives 2. A creative and critical collaboratory for reading Dickinson's material bodies and for featuring new critical and theoretical work about Emily Dickinson's writings, biography, reception, and influence, the Dickinson Electronic Archives 2 is a scholarly resource showcasing the possibility of interdisciplinary and collaborative research and exploring the potential of the digital environment to reveal new interpretive material, cultural, historical, and theoretical contexts. In doing so, the DEA2 opens a space of knowledge exchange for a networked world of scholars, students, and readers by offering a series of exhibitions on subjects of keen interest to readers of Emily Dickinson. Each exhibition will offer spaces for commentary that are of different sorts. At present the DEA2 offers a discussion forum, a space like that patrons inhabit as they walk through and talk about an exhibition, a space like that moviegoers inhabit when they stop for a nightcap or late night snack and discuss the movie just viewed. The DEA2 also offers Essays and Other Writings for every exhibition.

The DEA2's goals are as follows:

  • Foster a deepened focus on the material bodies of Dickinson’s writings and offer access to the significant printed representations of these bodies.
  • Create a scholarly environment that showcases the possibility of interdisciplinary and collaborative research across genres.
  • Explore the potential of the digital environment to reveal new interpretive contexts—material, cultural, historical, theoretical—for Dickinson’s work.  
  • Open a space for a networked world of scholars, students, and readers to expand our methods of reading her writing practices, the genealogies of her reception, and transmissions of her materials.

The DEA2 is a hybrid forum for publication and other kinds of scholarly communication.  The DEA2 integrates features of the manuscript archive and the scholarly journal, and provides an experimental exhibition space, as well as a pedagogical forum. Doing so, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Faithful reporting of what is seen on any manuscripts featured throughout the site. This reporting ranges from physical characteristics of the documents to what we know about their circulation and interpretations.
  • Openness to a range of critical views, including those that may contradict what's been reported or that may conflict with one another.
  • Concomitantly, commitment to engaging diverse scholarly/critical inquiries in depth.
  • Generous civility in expression of critical differences. 
  • Commitment to using nimble software in order to facilitate human interaction with scholarly materials and critical propositions.


We are pleased to announce that Amherst College has now made available their Dickinson Collection, including all of their Emily Dickinson manuscript holdings, through Amherst College Digital Collections (ACDC). Hundreds upon hundreds of her manuscripts are available, as is much Dickinson-related material, and more and more materials will be regularly added. Enabling such access will facilitate research in ways heretofore impossible. The Houghton Library, working with Harvard University Press, is also making Emily Dickinson manuscripts available in an Emily Dickinson Archive. At present much contextual material is available through their Emily Dickinson Collection, which is also being constantly updated.

The DEA2 is being produced on a customized Drupal platform with applications enabling high quality representation of the documents for perusal by all readers; dynamic renderings of the documents that allow complex visualizations of potential relations among them while resisting the static order determined by codex formats; and deep and broad searchability.

The materials available in the DEA2 grow with each volume. With the completion of each new volume, the materials of the previous volumes are distributed across the DEA2’s collection of manuscripts, transcripts, critical editions, critical engagements, and virtual classrooms.

In collaboration with an editorial board comprised of Dickinson scholars, textual scholars, social and cultural historians, poets, and artists, the DEA2 produces a volume or exhibition a year.  The focus of each of these volumes will be a set of Dickinson documents or other Dickinson-related materials (such as the new photograph, possibly of a 29 year old Emily Dickinson) selected by the editor(s) for critical engagement.  The editor for each volume will solicit and curate a selection of peer-reviewed essays and/or exhibitions in response to the documents.  In addition to the curated space, each DEA2 volume will offer open space for critical and creative commentaries by readers.

Readers have various options of recording their experience of the documents. They may contribute their reflections and questions in the form of formal meditations, add contextualizing materials and links, produce tag clouds, or use some other appropriate means to respond critically to the materials featured in the DEA2. In these ways, the virtual itineraries made by readers in their passage across the documents will begin to be preserved.



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Amherst College Special Collections and the Houghton Library, Harvard University, where the two primary repositories of Dickinson papers reside have offered invaluable advice and assistance over the years. Our special thanks go to John Lancaster and Daria D'Arienzo, former heads of Amherst College Special Collections, as well as to current head Michael Kelly and Margaret (Mimi) R. Dakin, Archives and Special Collections Specialist at Amherst. Also, special thanks go to Leslie Morris, curator and head of the Houghton Library, as well as to the wonderful Houghton staff. We also want to extend special thanks to the staff of the John Hay Library, Brown University, where the Martha Dickinson Bianchi Collection of papers are held. 

Since 1994, the Dickinson Electronic Archives has been supported by a Networked Associate Fellowship from the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) at the University of Virginia. Over the years, support from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the Fund for the Improvement for Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH), and the University of Maryland Graduate School have supported different productions of the DEA.

We are especially grateful to the Department of English, University of Maryland, for ongoing support of personnel who help sustain and update the DEA

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