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Society at Amherst Fifty Years Ago

Drafts, fragments, and typescripts of Susan Dickinson's memoir "Society at Amherst Fifty Years Ago" are found in five folders of H Box 9. The earliest versions of the text, largely handwritten, are found in the "Scraps," "Old Amherst," and the first "Society..." folders. The second and third "Society..." folders contain typescripts (along with some handwritten fragments and notes) of the text. Though neither of these two typescripts is complete, the one found in the second folder is the latest version, as it adopts the handwritten corrections made to the typescript found in the third folder.

"Scraps" Folder

"Old Amherst" Folder

"Society at Amherst" Folder 1

"Society at Amherst" Folder 2

Typescripts (F2)

Fragments & Scraps

"Society at Amherst" Folder 3

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Unnumbered Pages