The Passing of Zoroaster - Typewritten 2

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kindly mood of companionship and kept close to the suffering man's side | the side
beginning to ache under the inanimate life he was lugging about. He abandoned
hope as thoroughly now as ever did Dante's disciples on entering purgatory, deciding to
wait and make his last throw in the dead of night. If the meaningless warning of the
brakeman, not to leave any articles in the oars, had jarred on his nerves earlier in
the day, imagine with what a screech of irony they sounded to him now!

Not until he reached his own door was the world really left to darkness and to him.
Of course all the reactionary experience of his survival "cum" the cat, can be more? easi
imagined than described. Kate burst into tears, - the palliative of all dear women, -
only to be suddenly roused by her fears to [?] thoughts of escape. The destroyer of their
peace was carefully put in the ash barrel in the darkest cellar, where they agreed
they would bury Zoroaster at the midnight hour," when cats run home and owls to whit
in who" [?] They would bury him they agreed in a grave bigger than the Heidelburger tun wrong[?], to an obliv
beyond any Nirvana known to his philosophical ancestors.

The house was still; servants in bed; when not a sound in the world, beyond the
thumping of their hearts and consciences, as in smoking jacket and pink negligee',
bearing a silver Candle sticks alopt [sic], they crept down the callar [sic] stairs to their
secret burial. Nervous? Of course. The; "what was that?" of the pink Kate as they
made their descent, exciting Jack's strained nervous system to a quiver! It was a real
Hogarthian picture; the black callar for a background, the flickering candle revealing
in soft lights their anxious dear handsome faces, condescending to this repulsive task.
Then with sickening disgust they cut the strings, unrolled the paper, and it was a
Leg of Lamb.!!

March 1910 -