The Passing of Zoroaster - Handwritten 1

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But by the gods as he turned back toward the bow
of the boat who should he see but his neighbor
and in his own mind his avenger - Well early met
said the Judge - do you go to town so early at this hour often?
This is a new thing for me - glad of your company -
Close company he was too, till the boat bumped
the NY side - Desperate he ignored his bundle
risking life and limb he bestrode the safety rope
rushed for his car and sat down in breathless
victory - not yet Mr Jack the fine lawyer and
gentleman that you are for a street gamine sprang
upon the car with "You have left your meat
on the boat"! * When the apothecary politely
called isnt this yours Sir --- in his nervousness
he had really forgotten the thing - the horror --