Letter from Ned's Nursemaid 3

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to "Tobey" if still alive - I do'nt see Bridget's
marriage in the paper, so infer she is
still with you.      I do not know
hardly where I shall be this winter _ I
wrote to Mrs. Bowles some time since, asking
her if she knew of any one who wished a nurse
if she would, be kind enough to interest her-
self in my behalf but as yet have not had
an answer - If I do not get a place there
shall remain some time after leaving here
with my daughter in Yonkers[?] who is anx-
ious to have me go there. Should I return
to Springfield, shall not forget my promise to
run[?] up and make you all a call - Please
remember me with all respect to Mrs Dick-
inson and the ladies - I don't forget their kind
remembrance + [?], all of them. I hope
Mr Dickinson has left the corner far behind
as Miss Anna or Miss Clara wrote "he had got
round it". A kind remembrance to him + many
to yourself, if you please - It would afford me
a great deal of pleasure to hear from you or