Letter from Ned's Nursemaid 2

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fat + whether he can laugh + play yet?
     Our baby is 8 weeks old to-morrow, + is as
fat as a little butter ball, which she has
been ever since she was born. I should
dearly love to take her + run[?] in + introduce
her to Jacky -      I feel anxious also
to hear Mrs. Dickinson, what kind of a girl
you have, for I have so many many times
thought of you + wondered how you were
situated, whether you had to be much con-
fined with Jacky or not?      I know the young
ladies help you a great deal with him, for
they must love the little fellow very much -
     I think very often of the young ladies +
shall never forget their many little kindnesses
to me - I am glad they had so pleasant a
visit away this Summer - I wish they would
remember "poor old Aunt Abby" often in the
way of a little note occasionally - I really
fell in love with them -      How do Bridget
+ the four cats get along now? Please give
much love to Bridget for me + a kind regard