Letter from Ned's Nursemaid 1

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Poughkeepsie N. York
          October 22d 1861
From Neds old black
nurse "Aunt Abby" [in Susan's handwriting]
My dear Mrs. Dickinson -
     Could I sit down +
scratch off letters as easily as you + Mrs. Cogges-
hale[?] can. I assure [added: you,] your last kind letter
would by no means, have remained so long
unanswered. (+ the same I can say of the
young ladies)- but between the letters Miss Julie[a?]
has to write for herself + those to my children
she is kept pretty busy in her leisure moments.
I was very much pleased with your kind
letter, + was so glad to hear about him +
Mrs. Coggeshale[?] is as impatient + anxious
to hear from him as I am - I long to know
how he gets along - Whether he has grown