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The monthly nurses were from respectable 5
American families, mostly spinsters although
who never had received the slightest
intelligent[?] training or been guilty of wide experience.
Their leisure and need of money seemed
their diploma for service. The babies
in their sparse neighborhoods they had
ushered into this bale perhaps they had - nursed a long
summer of typhoid fever in their homes perhaps
or rather sat by, with their knitting
while the germs ran their race with a
constitution - this was the sum of their
tuition. In the main they all cleave[?]
to me as persons come to oblige, claiming
a little more than equality - anxious
to secure first their own good sleep and
regular[?] meals - meeting on Sundays -
constant reading of books and papers - free
discussion of parish, village, and
neighbors regardless of the nerves or
safety of the patient. Rather grudgingly
offering the Doctor's prescriptions, volubly
recommending some original compound concoction