Draft Essay on Architecture 1

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 Architecture was an
unknown art up to the
middle of the century
when the whole region
was stirred to curiosity
when Prof. L. built what
the Pelham and other
nameless graceless folk
called the "stone house" --
It was an innovation
upon our neat simple
four room diagrams, but
altho' my own home
was born[?] the same year
[2nd page:]
I rejoiced in its English
traits - It was a new
refreshing change in every
way and came to reveal
to us an hospitality so
large and gracious that
we can never change
the viewpoints [ramparts?] - Tea - [Dear?]
Mrs. L. with Mrs. Esty
at the left of the tea
2 tray will be forever there
wrapt[?] /keapt[?]/ in an
almost seraphic family[?]