A Hole in Haute Society 1.1

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White House, - and came home tired and hungry,
to our restful suite in the hotel. Somebody says,
and everybody knows, - there are shoals between
high waves; and here in our harbor of repose we
found the cousin, husband and daughter!
The call somewhat revived our languid interest
in our relations; we volubly deplored the
lack of warmth in the vein blood of relations,
and resolved to grub at the roots of our
ancestral trees, and love our 40th cousins!
My mother bent off the impending dinner with valor.
"Thanks! thanks! another time - good-by,
- glad to have met!" and they were gone,
- but no, not quite; for madam ran back through
our compact lines, to urge with an air of warm glee,
that I could and accordingly must
come to luncheon at 1 o'clock the next day and
drive on the fashionable