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But why contrast our present with the older days, or why attempt to anticipate
or fore-tell? Science declares there is no past and to-come; -- only the eternal
Now; that space is illimitable, and all process is forever. There is no stint
or waste in creative force, nor is there mistake. "Inequality and progress" to
quote our modern thinker, President Harris, reveal the ever evolving puzzle of
the human race with its timeless opportunities and splendid goals.

To study the canals of Mars, or as owners of our own planet as it hangs in
fascinating space, admiring and longed for by the inhabitants of that near
neighbor of scientific gossip, -- which is better?

We cannot over-estimate this earth of ours, or fear as to how, or to what
extent, the devices of coming man may mar it in the rolling years. Completion
is finite. Eternal evolution alone is of Infinity.