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lent expressions not retailed as 'the fruits of the Spirit'. A land boundary, --
that never-dying cause of quarrel and litigation, was the bottom cause of one
most vivid happening, I remember. The Deacon in the case was vindicated
by law. It followed that the routed adversary was recommended to withdraw
from the church, after certain inquisitory steps had been duly taken. On the
following Sabbath, the sacrament of the Lord's Supper being served, he was
accordingly passed by when the holy bread was offered; this being cruelly hard
to bear, as the victorious Deacon was bearer of the denied plate.
The victim was passed by. Everyone winced and waited. After the Deacons had
tasted their share of the emblem, standing in a decorous rows row in front of the
communion table, and sat down, there was a sudden sound as of scuffling, with an
open door. We were all buttoned into our pews with a strong brass button and
the sides were too high for any escape save by thought, -- and then, terrible to
relate! and more to see, the victim of his sin strode to the sacred table,
clutched his bread and returned to his own pew, where with bowed head he ate
the forbidden symbol. The wine was partaken of in the same manner. What a
riot of emotions followed as we rose to sing

"Blest be the tie that binds
Our hearts in christian love"!

The saints were horrified. The very young folks, who all stayed to this service
in those old days, were somewhat scared, but on the whole liked the variety in
so solemn a season, and some few whose carnalities were not wholly over-come by grace,
were obliged to cover their red and smiling faces in their hymn books.
But the angels must have wept. Had our good old church never read the echo
from Judea, "let them grow together till the harvest?"