Letter from Emily Fowler Ford - Nov 20 - 2

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hours of bitter anguish. The pain of
parting with a child is perhaps for
the time, the most poignant of pains.
The wound is of the tenderest sensibilities
and run beyond expression, but from the
immortal future of eternity, we can
summon joys and hopes and fulfillments
for consolation, even divine joys, angelic
hopes, fulfilled splendors of character,
such as could not possibly award him
here. Still the fact, the dreadful
fact remained that he is gone, and
oh! how you must miss him. It rea-
lly makes me ill to think of it - such
silence and desolation!

I hope that you and Austin and
the son and daughter left are well,
and that this sorrow has drawn you
more tenderly together than ever be-
fore. I heard of you very pleasantly
from Mabel who had a very happy