Letter from Emily Fowler Ford - June 10 - 3

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What more can I say even if my heart
is full. Oh! Sue a true marriage is a
divine institution of the Garden of Eden, worthy
the blessing of Jesus, and his first service of
love. I date from my own bridal such reposses
ion of life, the old classic miracle of recovered?
youth and hope such revivification in every good
way that the remembrance of it is full of sweet
joy. May it be thus with you my dear friends,
and peace and love breed[?] forever over your dwell-

This is of course all to Austin with yourself,
as it comes from Gordon as well as myself.

With greetings to all my friends
Yours affly,
Emily. F. Ford.

P.S. I enclose the Ford's city direction as we
rarely go to the Brooklyn P. Office. and
Austin may be glad to know it.
E. F. F.