Letter from Emily Fowler Ford - June 10 - 1

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Brooklyn, 120 Columbia St.
Tuesday June 10th

My dear Susan:

Your kind invitation to
Mr. Ford and myself came this morning. We
rejoice to find ourselves so remembered and linked
with your marriage festival. From rumor, I
had gleaned all I could of your hopes and
plans, and now I am so glad to find we
make a part of them in any way, for though
knowledge has been absent, sympathy and interest
have been alive and busy. Your relations to
Austin have given me unmingled satisfaction,
and endeared you to me, as beloved by him,
and appreciating him in return. I only de-
sire to know and love you better.

I wish we could go to Geneva and
share the happiness of the occasion, and
have the vision of you as bride for perpetual
memory, but engagements without any particular
consultation on my part, have been made for
me for this month, which cannot be postponed,
and I am housed and cornered, for the present.
When they shall have been fulfilled, I wish
I could hope to see Amherst, and the dear
old friends. Those skies daunt me yet, but I