Domestic 3

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the pillow and hovered about the bed - the air
was Summer - the consciousness of perfect 3
gentle deliverance[?] filled my being -
No School can reproduce that! Then
came nurses, but only monthly nurses;
occasionally a man who from every
absurd antipodal trait physical and
mental was considered himself qualified
to eke out a faintly fluctuating income
by sitting about a sick room. One such
looms up like a sharp silhouette in the
horizon. He was born[?] tall + gaunt - his
[?] [?] like a Shanghai Cock
when he straightens to crow - his clothes were
puzzling and irritating. Nothing came
together or met; When he rose up or
moved this trait became sharper in effect
so that the patient if half alive could but
vary a good deal till he was back in his
comfortable arm-chair. Why he was a nurse
I cannot imagine as he had no more fitness
for a sick-room than a respectable scare-
crow - When asked what he would like in
the night hours to brace[?] his megatherium of