Domestic 13a

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One other "Why don't you take care13of
him yourself - look hearty" - Then one not
strictly professional would come if the
child was two months older - sight of
work to hold + tend so small a
baby - just a month? Now if he was
three months old I'd come - My faint heart
knocked feebly in my breast, but I knocked
loudly at back doors of dumb clean
looking farm houses still - At last
Miss Cerinthia Inghram opens a door of
hope - just as I had resolved to stretch
every tether of truth in answering the
questions of my next x victim. She was tall
cold, clean, thin, not a drop of Mother
juice in her I saw in a minute but I
was tired and she had brawn - She
appeared the following morning and
assumed her role - In one day I
saw that by term and motive she
was adapted to hold a little angel
baby born without nerves, dulled
like an animal with by a full stomach
lying asleep for hours in an old-