Domestic 1

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Calling on a friend not long ago,
who was passing thro' a comfortable
sort of nervous invalidism I was
much impressed with her luxurious
surroundings, flowers, down pillow
magazines, a veritable bit of Lalla
Rookh all presided over, groomed
by a lovely creature with pink cheeks
white cap - cuffs, and apron, noiseless
tread, fragrant with fresh air - sweet
voice and dreamy eyes - I was presented
to Miss Heramy[Dreamy?] of Vassar Coll - in
other words this was the "nurse"! She
was equipped for every emergency in
her profession - from gathering up and
binding together the broken bones of Pat
from his fall upon the pavement, to the
languid if not caprices of an elegant
woman, with worn nerves - who instead
of scolding her husband and boxing his/her[?]