"[Now I knew I lost her]... Not who Toils / for Freedom"

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"[Now I knew I lost her]... Not who Toils / for Freedom" 

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A 432 | Early 1870s

These lines are identical to the final four lines of "Now I knew I lost her" (JP 1219, FP 1274), and are written on the verso of another poem, "The sea said "Come" to the brook." (verso A 431 is "The Sea said"), Illegible erasure atop stanza. MDB has written "Part of 'Now I knew I lost her'" mid-page. Large pencil "X" cancels this last holograph stanza.

Franklin concludes that the first part of the poem was written on a "missing leaf," and that Emily's hand was responsible for destroying it and inking over these lines. This is doubtful, however, as motivation for outside mutilation is much more plausible.