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now English ambassador
Whitelaw Reid of the New York Tribune, Samuel Bowles of the Republican, Dr
Storrs of Brooklyn, and Judge Spofford of New Orleans? It was indeed a
gallant row to be missed and longed for by any host. The year after,
as no seismic convulsion followed this departure from venerable custom,
there was another ball; and a few years later one given in College hall, --
the former village church, -- with finer music and a little more of every-
thing fascinating to youthful blood. There were even later hours, -- and so
good bye to tradition!

It was relished as a funny happening at the time, that the impressive
portrait of Professor Tyler hung over the stage to lend dignity to the
Alumni dinner, earlier on the same day held in the same place. It was left
by accident in its temporary place of honor, and proved to be the sole
adorment [sic] of that end of the building, from which it stared benignly
down upon the "pretty pairs" circling so madly in the waltz under
his conservative nose gaze! Literally lending his countenance to the
whole festivity.