Domestic 9

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The first baby has the best of every-
thing, consequently the farming region
and hill-sides were ignored and in
the search for an unusual person
to help our first baby accustom itself
to this new and trying world. A friend
used to invalidism unduly[?] benevolent stronly [sic?] urged a
coloured woman of he rare gifts - varied
experience tropical nature - overflowing
with love and devotion. She was possessor
of a past in the service of notable persons,
had been a servant of Gen. Scott -
had walked in Lafayette's garden in
Paris - had curtesied to him in response
to his distinguished good-mor[n]ing to the
baby she carried upon her shoulder -
It was pleasing, Her vista of experience was alluring to my young
fancy, and I hired her without many
questions as to her real power in battle -
Alas a fatal mistake. She arrived
in the hour of need - In person perfect
black as a coal, not the least com-
promise with white or brown - in her skin -
height medium - straight as an arrow