church modifications 1

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device compelling less racket in the opening &
closing also the hanging some ?s of green baize - to be
inside when the house as every-body called it was
filling effect -- Most people were pleased with the changes but one or
two persons exclaimed against the iconoclasm re-
marking in hope for repetition that "We were getting most
too refined"! In his own quiet way he influenced the
congregation to remain seated during the last hymn
instead of rising and facing the choir - in which habit
there seemed to be neither worship ethics or esthetics
There was certainly little to see in a village choir
only men and women of one's daily round in farm
or shop - some bald heads and the tip-top of Josiah
Ayres old time bass-viol - there was no reason for
it, but it was an old custom and such things die
hard in any N. E. village - There was a good deal
of smiling among the youngsters the first Sunday it
was tried and among the older saints too - but Dea
Leland and such members as Dea L and Dea M
who did not dare be "good & graceful too" preserved their
John Calvin sternness -- ? ? ? ? offended? when? an organ
supplanted the violorgan, a large woman by whom the
[in parentheses, two substitions:
X Effecting a more visible & gentle ?
X as the ice cracked under the new force]
occurrence of the key was seldom noted suffered by
some gentle suggestions as to harmony left the choir