Beecher's remarks 1

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Prof. Fisker? too - clear and pure as
the light on Mt. Holyoke - How I
admired him that smiling to himself. I dont remember
that he even put his arms around
me - then going on in reminiscent
vein - Prof Worcester too, a really great
man mentally -- rather sadly adding
"long since gone to his reward"! A faint
voice from the audience - Mr Beecher
Prof W. is still living! All the fun
and ingenuousness in Beecher's nature
flashed to the surface as quickly
rallying he said well if he is alive
and wants to live Im glad of it --
I well remember Beecher's fun was too
much for some of our serious folk
who associated more praying
than laughing with the college of
those days - Mrs Sweetser bowing
stiffly in going out of the hall to
some of us who were chuckling
over a little natural fun and

[computations in margin]